About nool.info


Our mission is to entertain you and help you reach your potential

nool.info is starting out in 2021 as a sole proprietorship. Fabio Correa, its founder, is using this enterprise as an opportunity to grow professionally and try out current technologies. nool.info aims to be an education and information website, offering video content like:

  1. Software development tutorials
  2. Computer administration guides
  3. Tech reviews
  4. IT security news

Our content is shaped by more than 20 years of educational experience both in Colombia and in the United States. We understand that education has evolved well beyond the classroom, and that our users are looking for new and exciting learning experiences. Because of that, we work to tailor our content to a wide range of learning styles. We want to empower our audience to do something meaningful with technology; to solve problems, to share knowledge, and to reach their potential.

We are not only passionate about teaching; we are actively learning new concepts in our areas of expertise so as to keep our website updated with the latest in tech.

A vital part of our work is to make sure everyone who appears in our videos are approachable, personable people. Our live streams and our social media accounts are designed to engage our audience beyond the educational experience, entertaining you as we show you further areas of life we are passionate about.

We aim to be a leader in the education market at the end of the decade.


Featured photo: The free high-resolution photo of discussion by @RuslanCh, available here. Licensed under CC0 public domain license, free for personal & commercial use, no attribution required.